Promote your blog here; Blog Party #3!!

Hello everybody! I recently got back into blogging so I thought what better way to promote this blog and help others than a blog party?


Here are the rules:

1. Choose any one of your favorite blog posts from your own blog, all kinds of posts are welcome. (Anything inappropriate will be removed). You can share up to three links each day, but it’s best to wait some time between each one.

2. Paste your link in the comment section of this post and tell a little bit about yourself and/or your blog.

3. REBLOG this post to let everyone know!!

4. Now grab a fuzzy blanket and get ready to read more blogs and meet new bloggers!!

This blog party will run from today until Friday at 12:00 am EST. I look forward to reading all your comments and meeting new blogs! Have fun and be sure to follow this one if you havent already!



74 thoughts on “Promote your blog here; Blog Party #3!!

  1. theterricadorsett says:

    Wow I never heard of a blog party. Sounds like a great idea. That is great you love to bake…because I love sweets😍. My favorite post has to be the 10 top blogging tools because it has helped me and other bloggers get started. I am a lifestyle blogger so I love to blog about my family and my favorite things such as fashion and food. Check out my blog post.

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  2. portmannbeck says:

    Hi, I am new to this, literally just started a few days ago. I am still shocked that you were able to “find” me! This is so exciting, I am learning as I go so I appreciate all the help I can get. I know nothing about blogging, only started texting a year ago, had no choice, it’s the only way to stay in touch with my kids! Today I will sit back and enjoy the party and look forward to connecting with new people. Nice to meet you!

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  3. cheatonmeat says:

    We are Cheat On Meat! We are a group of students based in Cornwall, England. We are attempting to raise awareness of the carbon footprint of meat, and encouraging people to have a meat free meal at least once a week to help our planet! All of our recipes on our blog are our own creations! Please check it out, and enjoy!
    If you like a challenge! —->
    If you want to keep it simple! —->

    Thank you, and enjoy!!

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  4. JCairns says:

    I’m a book blogger. I read and review mostly mysteries, but also do some literary fiction, poetry and nonfiction. My biggest love book-wise is probably Sherlock Holmes – the original stories plus all the new stories and pastiches, although I haven’t blogged about them yet.

    I’m going to check out some of the other blogs and meet new blogger friends since I’m relatively new to blogging

    My blog is My favorite post is

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  5. Designer World Studio | Garima Kapoor says:

    Hey! Amazing blog party to meet other bloggers.

    I blog about Design, Blogging, Social Media, and give free printables to make your life more productive.

    I also started a series of STORIES BEHIND THE STUNNING GRAPHICS in you learn about as an entrepreneur how you create stunning graphics, how you think about graphics, what is the role of graphics, how they help in digital.

    As a blogger or a small biz owner to make your brand more successful. Then, you should read this series.


  6. atticsister says:

    Last year I blogged about Gingerbread Houses how to bake them then how to building them. after Christmas was over and everything was put away, I blogged about what we do with these leftover gingerbread houses…..we gift them to our squirrels.

    I baked my first gingerbread house as a sample for a class just a week ago on my other blog.

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  7. happygourmand says:

    Thanks for the invite – I think this is a great idea! Hello fellow bloggers, fellow foodies. I like to blog about my gourmand life – enjoying everything to its fullest. That is most often food and drink and my BFF, my Chocolate Lab. Here’s one of my fun ranting posts:
    I’ll be back soon. It’s great to meet so many like-minded people.

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