Blueberry Muffin Inspired Oatmeal

Hello guys! Today I thought I'd show you another oatmeal recipe. This one is inspired by blueberries!! I love the pop the fruit gives to the oatmeal. Enjoy!   Blueberry Oatmeal Inspired Oatmeal Recipe Ingredients: One serving of oatmeal (chilled or fresh) A handful of blueberries 1-2 tbs. of brown sugar a pinch of salt … Continue reading Blueberry Muffin Inspired Oatmeal


Apple Pie Inspired Oatmeal

Hello guys! It's almost Friday!!! *As she does her happy dance*. I wanted to share this recipe because I really love the idea of playing around with different oatmeal flavors. The idea of turning simple oatmeal into creative and fun flavors really intrigues me. Here are the links to my last two flavors: reading Apple Pie Inspired Oatmeal